About Retreats

Prairyerth offers one & two-day retreats.  The one-day meditation retreats are especially good for someone new to the practice. The two-day meditation retreats are called “Yong Maeng Jong Jin” which is loosely translated as “to leap like a tiger while sitting.”

Zen meditation retreats are a time of falling deeply into meditation practice without the demands of daily life to interfere. To that end, we set aside all of our electronic devices, our books, our journals – all our distractions and focus just on the present moment. Retreats include chanting, sitting and walking meditation as well as bowing and kong-an interviews. For one-day retreats bring a simple brown bag lunch.  At longer retreats, vegetarian meals are provided and the simple meals are taken in a traditional temple style. Retreats are a time of silence and profound contemplation.

Upcoming Events & Retreats