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Dwelling nowhere, let that mind come forth

Where are you dwelling right now?  No – not just your house, but in your head.  Where are you?  We dwell many places during the day.  Today I was dwelling with my grandson and worrying about him.  At meditation tonight, I was dwelling in “What am I going to say when meditation is over?”  So many places to dwell.  Many times, we get stuck in dwelling in self criticism and self degradation or self flagellation.  Or perhaps, we start dwelling in criticizing someone else.  So many places to dwell.  I feel good!  I feel bad!  I am sad!  I am joyful!  I am happy!  I am sad!  I, I, I, I, I, ………….And so on and so forth.  So many places to dwell!

But the Diamond Sutra tells us “Don’t dwell anywhere and then bring forth that mind. What does that mean?  It means actually dwelling everywhere and then bringing forth that mind with all the richness that that mind can express.  It means not rejecting anything or clinging or attaching to anything.  It means spaciousness.  It means meeting each moment with an attitude of openness and acceptance.  This is a mind that doesn’t make distinctions.  This is a mind that doesn’t make good and bad.

Where are you dwelling right now?  Can you let go and see the red cardinal in the tree and the sun shining overhead?

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